Learning to love a mum-tum

Hello Lovelies,

So I thought I’d jump in with a rather difficult subject for a lot of people, whether you have children or not, whether you are a man or a woman, 13, 30 or 93, chances are you have at some point in your life felt uncomfortable with your body. Whether this is the odd fleeting thought at passing a shop window at an unflattering angle or that awful moment when you open your phones front camera by accident (how many chins??) or something that lurks at the back of your mind all the time. Its a horrible feeling to feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

Personally I have dealt with issues with body image for a very long time, I spent a long time waging war on my own body, hating it, despising it rather than loving it despite, in fact for all its flaws.

Now my body has done one of the most amazing things a body can do, my body has created another life, supported it for nine months while that little life grew into a beautiful baby, and brought that life into the world. This is incredible but brings with it its own set of challenges. My body is changed, I have stretch marks, I put on weight, my tummy is far from wash board flat, I don’t have a six pack and I wouldn’t win any swimsuit contests right now.
But you know what? I have made a choice, I choose to honour and respect my body for all it has done! It may not be pretty but my body is pretty damn awesome! So I will take my son swimming, I will wear shorts when its hot, I will play with my son and not worry that my thighs touch (shock horror!) and wobble. If you don’t like it, don’t look!
Eat healthy because your body deserves to be nourished, eat a bit of chocolate because you deserve it. Go for a run to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, curl up on the sofa and watch Netflix because you deserve a rest.

Love your body because you won’t get another one! Life is precious, don’t waste it worrying about things that don’t matter. Thank your body for everything it has done then go out and enjoy life.

Lots of Love



*New* Dove Babycare Products

Hello lovelies,

I hope you have had/ are having a lovely day. Munchkin and I have been feeling rather sorry for ourselves, (are we calling it a summer cold? seems rather early but the weather has been soo summery considering it’s only April. The Easter Bunny will be in need of Suncream and and shades!). I may yet make a silverlining out of this rather snuffly cloud with a blog post on surviving baby colds and products to help (aside from the obvious duvet and Netflix subscription), we shall see.

The other week I made a rather exciting discovery, Dove have brought out a line of babycare products! I love Dove products in general, especially the shower creams, so i was very eager to try the baby range. Especially when I found out they are on an introductary offer at Boots, making them just £1 each!


As far as I am aware they have launched three products in two formulations; Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture (which is fragrance free) plus a baby soap bar. I picked up the Shampoo, Head to Toe wash and Lotion all in Rich Moisture as my bubs doesn’t appear to have over sensitive skin (wish I could say the same for myself!) and I have never reacted to any of the Dove Fragrances and they all smell so lovely!

The first thing I will say is the are all “tear free” my little one didn’t seem to have any problem with of them from that respect so that was the first box ticked! (I didnt feel the need to deliberately stick any in my eye just to double-check).

The Shampoo was lovely & creamy and had a lovely, sweet but clean smell. It didn’t lather up like the other brands I have used but it seemed much more moisturising, I was worried it would be harder to rinse but it came straight off with the water poured over. It hasn’t aggravated his scalp at all and the little hair he has seems lovely and soft.

The Top to Toe wash is the only product that comes with a pump, initially I thought this was great and rather annoying that it wasn’t on the other products. In practice the pump is a tad useless and more faff than just using the standard flip cap, this is because the wash is very thick and the bottle is quite small and not heavy enough to use the pump with out holding it with the other hand, sort of defeating the object of the pump (it does however have a very good lock on the pump so it’s not all bad). I was expecting it to be a cream wash like some of they’re adult range, it’s not but its a very thick, slightly creamy gel which lathers up but doesn’t feel at all “soapy” and doesn’t leave the skin feeling stripped and dry. It didn’t have the smell I was expecting either, it’s certainly not the standard “baby powder” smell but doesn’t smell like any other shower gel either, to me it smells like fresh clean washing powder! Not what I was expecting but I rather like it!

After a dry off and a cuddle we tried the baby lotion. It’s a really nice light lotion, it took a while to absorb but once it had his skin felt really lovely and soft and had a lovely light fragrance. I think this is a really great one for after swimming and I will be buying another bottle to live in his swim bag.

All in all I think they are a great set of products, especially for their price point. They are all Paediatrically approved and the Head to Toe wash and Shampoo are both Hypoallergenic and Ph Neutral.

If you have any recommendations for products please leave them in the comments. Also if there’s any content you would like to see whether it’s beauty, skin care, lifestyle, baby or anything else just leave me a comment!

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Hello World

Well umm, this is awkward. Never was very good at introductions… if you’re reading this, it means you have found my blog so congratulations! (I’m not sure if you are celebrating that fact as much as me although I do hope you will enjoy your time reading my ramblings). The internet is a wonderful (and rather scary) place and provides an infinite amount of space to offload the contents of my finite brain (increasingly finite by each hour of missing sleep caused by my wonderful small human 😴), rather like a jumble sale of thoughts and ideas, hopefully you will find some gem or pearl of wisdom that makes your day a little brighter (if you do it’s probably the last bit of wisdom/sanity I have left so please bear with me), although you may just find a load of old rubbish that has been chewed on by a small child (not at all describing my brain here) and for that I apologise.

A blog is supposed to have a ‘niche’ or so I am told but I’ve never been much good at fitting into boxes (especially not with a huge pregnancy bump or subsequent ‘mum tum’) so I’m not about to start now. This blog will probably be a mish-mash of beauty (how to make it look like you haven’t spent the last two years on three hours sleep a night), lifestyle, and general mummy-blogging.

If my rambling hasn’t put you off already, welcome to the blog! Don’t be a stranger, drop me a comment!

Lots of Love,